At FAED MECANIZADOS DE PRECISIÓN we have always been committed to a balance between specialization and product diversification. By means of this approach, we have managed to cover a wide range of sectors, seeking to provide added value in each sector and meet the needs of each of our clients.



FAED MECANIZADOS DE PRECISIÓN counts with the ISO 9100:2018 certification which means that it is approved and qualified to be a supplier for the main companies in this industry. Since the company’s inception, it has always been committed to sectors of great responsibility and added value, this sector being one of the best examples.



The railway industry has always been governed by its own regulations. At FAED MECANIZADOS DE PRECISIÓN we are perfectly aware of the requirements and specifications associated with this industry and we have always supported our clients in the development of new products and in the resolution of new technical challenges.

Fluid control


This sector is distinguished by the geometric complexity and diversity of its components, impellers, pump bodies, suction hoods, discharge hoods and duct bodies being examples of this diversity. As for the materials used, there is also a wide range depending on the fluid and field of application, carbon steels, stainless steels, duplex steels, Inconel-loaded steels being different possible materials to be machined.



Within the scope of FAED MECANIZADOS DE PRECISIÓN, this is undoubtedly the sector with the greatest range of products and materials, since it includes a wide range of end products with highly diverse geometries and in all types of materials, both metallic and non-metallic. Welded structures, forged pieces, cast pieces, inserts, cladding, joints, assemblies, etc. are some of the components of this sector.

Die Tooling


Die Tooling is a strategic sector for Grupo FAED, machining of die tools is an essential service to provide a more comprehensive solution to all our clients. The highly demanding requirements and continuous development that automotive sector imposes are a driver of our own developments and lead us to a process of continuous improvement that affects all our manufacturing.



Mining has been an economic driving force for decades and is now key to the development of many economies. The extraction of different minerals requires components of great strength and durability, which always presents a challenge for machining. Specific processes, internally developed tools and state-of-the-art machines allow us to provide solutions to the machining of the components used in this sector.



Sustainability, environmental conservation and a cultural change in society have led this sector to undergo major developments in terms of offering renewable solutions and increasing the efficiency of non-renewable sources. FAED MECANIZADOS DE PRECISIÓN has always been closely involved in the development of this sector, collaborating with Customers and stakeholders on new technical proposals and advising on the feasibility of products.

Marine & Offshore


With a strong position in this market, FAED MECANIZADOS DE PRECISIÓN has made the manufacture of naval components one of its specialities. Propellers, shafts, Stern tubes, rudder stocks, rudders, brackets and stems are a few examples of the wide range of large-size, high-precision parts we manufacture for this sector at our facilities.

Oil & Gas


This is a historical sector for our company in which we have focused on process specialization enabling us to offer our customers across the world rapid and reliable solutions.

Pulp and Paper


This is a sector which, using wood as a raw material, first produces pulp and later paper for a wide range of applications. Within the equipment required for these processes we have extensive experience in machining rollers, rings, crowns, pinions, supports, as well as in auxiliary processes such as painting, grinding, etc.